Stack Framing – Better way to get a more energy efficient home

Stack Framing – Better way to get a more energy efficient home.


Fine Home Building Magazine Are you stuck on old school framing? 24″ On Center Framing Advanced framing, or OVE (optimum value engineering) is a system, a slightly different way to build than standard 16” o.c. stick framing.

This was an interesting read for us at Buck Robertson Contracting. We are always trying to build our framing members 24″ O.C (“on center spacing”) unless we run into Brace Walls (earthquake protection), which need to be 16 O.C. or specified by the engineer. In doing so more planning is needed to be put in up front to determine desired points of where to start your framing members layout. Truss system and floor plan design need to be taken into account as well, but with doing so makes all ducting, plumbing and electrical work easier for sub-trades by keeping runs clear of obstacles and reducing the chance of bulk heads. If contractor is brought in at very early stages of design these things can be looked at and addressed.

Stack Framing

Our Arrowsmith job demonstrating Stack Framing.

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