Carriage House?

A Carriage house is a great idea for many different reasons depending on your needs and where you are on in this journey through life. Often Carriage houses are built on an existing property. They are then used for downsizing, rental income or a guest house. They can also be a starter home on a larger property. Is a carriage house right for me? Aging in place One way a carriage house could be beneficial Read more about Carriage House?[…]

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Designing your dream Deck- Buck Robertson Contracting Your Deck Builders

When Designing your deck and working with a Deck Builder? When you have the right deck builders out to look at your space they will need to get some information from you like: What is the use of the deck? What materials are you thinking to use? How do you want to be able to access the deck? Do you want to be able to store/ have a dry area under the deck? How often Read more about Designing your dream Deck- Buck Robertson Contracting Your Deck Builders[…]

Brace Walls and Design

Why brace walls need to be thought out and understood. Brace walls and designing them into the building, most people now are looking for an open concept and large windows. This makes for a challenge where the brace walls will end up and how to incorporate them into the design. To simplify the idea of a brace wall it is to help with the movement that would happen in a building when an earthquake may Read more about Brace Walls and Design[…]