Carriage house Nanaimo | Home Renovation Tax Credit

by Mar 22, 2023

Carriage House Nanaimo | Multigenerational Home Renovation Tax Credit | Carriage House Vancouver Island

A Tax Credit is now available for family’s which are wanting to build a carriage house for there parents in there back yard. We are excited to be able to build a carriage house  to keep your family more together and being able to know your parents are well taken care of weather that is from with in the family or someone comes to visit them at there new carriage home.

As people age, their housing needs change. Elderly people may find that their current homes no longer meet their requirements, particularly if they face mobility issues, health problems, or social isolation. A carriage home, which is a small, self-contained dwelling unit typically located on the same property as the primary residence, can provide a practical and beneficial housing option for the elderly. Here are some of the key benefits of a carriage home for the elderly. 

This is the link to the Government of Canada web page for the Multi-Generational Home Renovation Tax Credit


  1. What are the benefits of a carriage house: We will share with you types of carriage homes and how the could benefit your family.
  2. The Process of Building a Carriage House: This is a carriage house we completed in south Nanaimo the “community gathering place.”
  3. Building an accessible carriage house: What you need to think about when building a carriage house for the elderly
  4. Enhanced Comfort and Privacy: Lets give your parents a place they can call home.
  5. Increased Security and Safety: When you know how they are doing every day will help to ease your mind.
  6. Improved Socialization: and Independence: When family is together we all are stronger.
  7. Cost Savings and Value: It isn’t getting any cheaper out there and this is a way to know everyone is the family is living the best life possible .

Building an accessible carriage house:

Creating an accessible carriage house entails a thoughtful and meticulous approach that considers the specific needs and requirements of the person who will be utilizing it. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when building an accessible carriage house:

Accessibility features

Installing accessibility features such as wide doorways, ramps, grab bars, and step-free entries are crucial for ensuring that the carriage house is accessible to individuals with mobility issues. Incorporating accessible appliances, such as lowered countertops, reachable shelving, and roll-in showers, can also significantly improve the space’s functionality.

Layout and spacing

It is essential to consider the layout and spacing of the carriage house to ensure that it is easy to navigate for individuals who may require mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers. An open-concept design with wide hallways and clear pathways between rooms can help to optimize accessibility and maneuverability.

Lighting and fixtures

Adequate lighting and fixtures are vital for accessibility. Good lighting can improve visibility for elderly individuals, while properly positioned light switches, outlets, and other fixtures can enhance accessibility.

Communication and technology

Technology can play a significant role in making a carriage house more accessible. Smart home devices, video doorbells, and personal emergency response systems are just a few examples of features that can keep elderly individuals connected and safe.

Building codes and regulations

It is crucial to follow building codes and regulations for accessibility when constructing a carriage house. These guidelines can differ depending on the location, so it is important to consult with local authorities and seek the advice of Design Build Team with experience in accessible construction.

Constructing an accessible carriage house necessitates careful planning and attention to detail to ensure that it meets the unique needs and requirements of the individual who will use it. By incorporating the appropriate features and seeking professional guidance, it is possible to create a comfortable, secure, and accessible living space for the elderly.

Enhanced Comfort and Privacy

The main benefit of a carriage home is that it provides a separate and private living space for the elderly. The space can be customized to meet their specific needs and preferences, such as adding handrails, ramps, or other accessibility features. With a carriage home, elderly individuals can enjoy the comfort and convenience of having their own kitchen, bathroom, and living area while still being close to their family members or caregivers.

Increased Security and Safety

Safety and security are often a significant concern for elderly individuals who live alone. A carriage home can provide an added layer of security and safety as it is typically equipped with its entrance, locking mechanisms, and security features. Additionally, having family members or caregivers nearby can provide an additional sense of security and peace of mind for elderly individuals.

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Improved Socialization

Elderly individuals often experience social isolation, which can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Living in a carriage home can help elderly individuals maintain their social connections and independence. They can still interact with family members, neighbors, or caregivers while also having their own space and privacy. Additionally, a carriage home can offer a sense of autonomy and independence as elderly individuals can manage their own living space and schedule.

Cost Savings and Value

A carriage home can be a cost-effective housing option for the elderly, as it allows them to live on the same property as their family members or caregivers without the need for a separate mortgage or rental agreement. Additionally, a carriage home can add value to the property, as it can be used as a guest house or rental unit when not occupied by the elderly individual.

Custom Home Builds on Vancouver Island vs Carriage Homes

I know we are talking about a carriage house on Vancouver Island here but custom home building and building a home have many similarity’s so if you are ready lets start taking steps towards getting your parents into a home which they will feel comfortable, safe and will have a sense of community and family around them when they need it. We will be here to share what we have learned from home building and carriage house construction.

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