Carriage House Nanaimo

by May 30, 2023

Carriage House Construction in Nanaimo: Building Brilliance from Blueprint to Reality

Check the Codes: Navigating Zoning and Regulations

  • Familiarize yourself with local zoning regulations and bylaws
  • Determine if carriage houses are permitted in your desired location
  • Understand size, setbacks, height restrictions, and permit requirements

Design for Purpose: Creating a Functional Space

  • Define the purpose of the carriage house (guest house, rental property, etc.)
  • Plan the layout, number of rooms, and amenities accordingly
  • Consider the desired functionality and convenience for its occupants

Aesthetics that Blend: Architectural Style Matters

  • Choose an architectural style that harmonizes with the surroundings
  • Draw inspiration from the diverse architectural designs in Nanaimo
  • Create a cohesive aesthetic with your main residence
Rhiannon's Profile pic | Architectural CAD technician and Residential Building Designer | Your House Plan Designer.

Embrace the efficiency of our in-house plan design, tailored to understand your wants and needs from the very start. With Rhiannon at the helm, a skilled listener and effective communicator, we do our best to captured your idea of a carriage house. Through a collaborative approach, we transform your vision into reality, harmonizing creativity with precision. Experience the satisfaction of witnessing your ideas take shape, as our meticulous process ensures your expectations are not only met but exceeded. Join us on this remarkable journey, where your dreams become the foundation of an extraordinary project.

Building with Resilience: Materials and Climate Considerations

  • Select durable, sustainable materials suitable for Nanaimo’s climate
  • Prioritize insulation, energy efficiency, and weather resistance
  • Explore locally available materials for cost-effectiveness

Connecting the Essentials: Utilities and Services

  • Determine connections to water, electricity, and sewage systems
  • Understand requirements and costs associated with utility hookups
  • Consult relevant service providers for guidance

Access Made Easy: Designing Driveways and Parking

  • Ensure proper access and parking facilities for the carriage house
  • Consider the number of vehicles requiring parking spaces
  • Design driveways or parking areas to accommodate your needs

Outdoor Oasis: Landscaping and Outdoor Space

  • Plan landscaping around the carriage house, including gardens and pathways
  • Create outdoor living areas that enhance the property’s appeal
  • Balance privacy and the relationship between the carriage house and main residence

Seeking a knowledgeable design-build team to empower your carriage house decisions and ensure informed choices? Click here to discover our expertise in design and build.

Carriage house Nanaimo the “Community Gathering Place.”

The project’s name was “Community Gathering Place” after discussing its purpose and goals. We began the Pre Construction contract to plan and budget the project. This stage is crucial to formulate a plan and understand each other better. It’s cheaper to plan on paper than during construction. We discussed material options and durability for the building’s purpose and occupants. Understanding the structure and mechanical systems is also a priority. Building a carriage house in Nanaimo can be a fun and exciting process if you have the right team behind you.

I would highly recommend Buck Robertson Contracting. Building a studio/carriage house was a first-time experience and could have been quite a different outcome if it were not for the knowledge and foresight of Jordan. Every step of the way I was informed of possible changes and options. The skill and the workmanship clearly shows and when other trades people remark on the great job it just confirms you hired the right person. I am so happy with my studio and it is much more beautiful than I had imagined. Jordan and his team ensure there is no detail missed and they go above and beyond.


Carriage House Nanaimo "Community Gathering Place" May 23, 2021

Part 1: Excavation and forming

Digging Deeper: Unveiling the Construction Costs in Excavation

The owner desired a 4′ crawl space in the basement for storage. We explored the logistics and costs involved. We explained that achieving this would require digging a deeper hole, removing more dirt, and possibly using a rock breaker for stubborn material. However, accessing items stored in the deep crawl space might become inconvenient.

At Buck Robertson Contracting, we aim to comprehend your decision-making process and the implications for “your project.” We collaborate to foresee the project’s long-term effects. While mistakes may occur, we consider this endeavor a prototype and strive for the optimal outcome through teamwork.


Part 2: Textured Feature Posts using SHOU SUGI BAN


Burning Beauty: Exploring the Timeless Art of Shou Sugi Ban Wood Preservation

Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese way to preserve wood, It is environmentally friendly and allows you the ability to not need to put a finish on it if you would like. Due to it being burnt bugs don’t like to eat at it as well helps to close the cell walls of the wood so it doesn’t suck up water as well with capillary action.

Capillary action is when wood pulls water through its “veils” of the wood fiber. When you have rot in your house often what was a small area of water infiltration can turn into rotting out a much larger area due to capillary action. The post and beam work on this carriage house was a lot of fun we really enjoy working with the larger timbers.


Part 3: Trim, Roof, and Exterior

Unlocking Value: The Cost-Effective Brilliance of Vinyl Siding

For the exterior details on this carriage house we went with more affordable options which was viynl siding. It had form and character of the neighbourhood without needing to use more expensive wood or cement siding options. The shake we used was Grayne Shingle we have used this product on lots of homes and it is easy to work with and looks great. The main body of the vinyl is D5 dutch.

Wood Trim: The Artful Precision of Rabbeting for Lasting Elegance

We used primed comb-face trim which we rabbet to allow to cover up the J trims which part of the vinyl siding material package to allow for the material to have a area for expansion and contraction. We paint all faces and cut edges before it goes up then in then it gets another coat of paint after install.

Part 4: Drywall & Shou Sugi Ban Rain Barrel

Transforming Spaces: The Magic of Drywall in Room Creation

This is a exciting part of the project as it is when the rooms really start to take shape and allow you the owner to have a much better idea of the sizes of the rooms. At this point as the walls are quite white it makes the room feel large and as a construction project moves through the rooms with shrink and grow as your eyes play with light and depth. We have wrote a article on crowing studs and its importance which shares with you that some of the little things on a project can have a huge impact on the final product.

Carriage house nanaimo drywall interior finish.

Harvesting Nature’s Blessings: Exploring the Vitality of Gardening and Sustainable Water Solutions

We had build these Sugi Ban Rain barrels for this project to allow for saving water onsite as well as making our rock pit smaller. On this project we needed to install a rock pit which is where all your perimeter drain  and rain water leaders water is brought on onsite to drain back into the land and not affect the structure of the building. We thoughts if we could collect the water for a later date when water restrictions were on what would be the harm in that.

Part 5: Complete Interior and Exterior Tour

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