Carriage House?

Carriage House?

A Carriage house is a great idea for many different reasons depending on your needs and where you are on in this journey through life. Often Carriage houses are built on an existing property. They are then used for downsizing, rental income or a guest house. They can also be a starter home on a larger property.

Here is a video of a Carriage house we completed in Fanny bay in 2020.

Is a carriage house right for me?

Carriage House for Aging in Place

One way a carriage house could be beneficial is if your parents need to put them in a home. They may or may not still have the ability to take care of themselves and need assistance. With the carriage house, you can have your parents still live on there own. Giving them a sense of freedom but also giving you a sense of security. Knowing they are being treated right and getting that much-needed love that all of us need.

Secondly, a carriage house could be ideal if you are looking to downsize and design a place just for you. Smaller- less cleaning, heating bill greatly decreased and cozy. The opportunity to rent your main house and have the comfort off knowing the tenants are taking care of things. With the smaller space, you may have the potential of choosing nicer finished on a space designed just for you. When working with BRC you will have the opportunity to really look at how this space will work for you. We would take the time to either place your new or old pieces of furniture right on the plans. Then when it comes to building we could draw on the floor how these pieces would look in the room.

Carriage House for when the Young Adults need a place to call HOME

Young adults are having a harder and harder time trying to break into the market. Now often living at home longer and longer. A carriage house gives you the opportunity to get the “kids” out of the basement and into something they can call home. Adding value to the property and giving you back your space you may have been looking for. If you are the parents that love to have your kids around they will then be right there. But you won’t be needing to pick up after them anymore. Added bonus you can start collecting that rent they have been trying to avoid.

When a Carriage House makes for a great Starter home

A starter home is a great way to allow you to get the larger property. As your family grows so to can your future expansions of the property. When you have a dwelling on the property as well the bank is more likely to see it as a stronger asset. This starter home can then be rented out. When you go to build your forever home you will have the ability to see your house being built right in front of your eyes. When doing this its a great idea to bring in a general contractor to make sure you have a well thought out long term plan. For instance, all of the underground service work (plumbing, electrical, sewer) could be planned to allow future expansion.

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