Crowning studs and its importance

Crowning studs and its importance

At BRC we always crow all material installed into the structures we build. Crowning studs is important becuase it makes for flatter finished walls. We always crown the studs out which looks like this.

The Plumb line represents what a flat wall would look like and when the drywall board goes onto the wall it follows the curve of the wall.
If the wall is crowned out then it allows the drywallers to be able to fill the middle section of the wall, allowing for them to finish a flat wall.
If the wall are not to be crowned this is what you can get and now the drywall board on the wall will be wavy and more likely for screw pops.
These images are with a 2″ deflection (crown) in the stud which would be very over exaggerated. In most studs they have around about a 1/2″ or less. But it shows you how this could effect your wall if not taken into account.

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