Crowning Studs and Its Importance

by Apr 14, 2023

What Does “Crowning a Stud” mean and why is it important?

“Crowning” is when you take a piece of lumber and you sight it. “Sighting” lumber is when you pick up the piece of lumber and put your eye on the board and then look from one end to the other to see if it has a curve. A piece of lumber can be bowed, crooked, kinked, cupped, and twisted. At Buck Robertson Contracting we always crown all material installed into the structures we build. Crowning your studs is important because it makes for flatter finished walls. We always crown the studs out, which gives us results like this:

Crowning studs showing plumb line in relationship to the issue of needing to crown studs
Crowning studs out and its importance to a flat wall

Wavy Walls and how this can affect the overall finished product of the wall?

If the walls are not crowned, the drywall board on the wall will be wavy (as shown below). This will make it more likely for screw pops. This will also add to excessive work for your drywallers.

Wavy walls and crowing studs and its importance for overall finish. Side view.
Wavy walls due to not crowing studs out
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Small Changes make huge differences when it comes to home building

Small Details

When building a home, the smallest details can make the biggest difference. A general contractor takes on quality control and helps prevent these headaches later on. Our job is to explain to the crews why some of these little details can make all the difference in the quality of the finish of the product. Everything one trade does affect the next trade coming after them, and so on. Buck Robertson Contracting is onsite to communicate with each trade, which allows for all trades to have a fighting chance to produce the best quality home for you. If you are thinking about building a custom home in Nanaimo or a custom home on Vancouver Island think about getting in contact with us.

So what does “crowning studs” mean? It means quality control – and quality control starts with communication. At Buck Robertson Contracting, we do contracting with communication! If you would like your house built with communication call us today (250) 6684866.

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