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My name is Dallas Robertson,
I am a red seal electrician with class A high voltage unrestricted FSR. Although I am an electrician by trade I am deeply passionate about all facets of residential construction.
My experience in the trades began when I was 16 and I haven’t looked back, I believe that if your not learning your not living. I have always tried my hand at every opportunity to expand my abilities. I started off doing exteriors everything from siding to roofing before I landed on electrical. Since I began my apprenticeship I have pushed to obtain as much diversity in my field as I could. I spent 4 years in building automation before I took my career on the road and began heavy industrial in the energy sector. During that time I worked in oil and gas, power generation turbines and even underground power distribution for mining operations.
After Jordan, my brother, and I built my and my wife’s home we realized that this was the future for us and our careers. To have a home built where a pile of dirt once stood was the most gratifying experience of our lives. My wife went into labour the day we revived our occupancy permit so it was more than just a house we built it was more like the foundation for my family’s future.
Building a house to me is more than just a job. I feel like every home we build is a part of each family’s future.

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