Ranch Point Rustic Cedar Deck and Patio

Deck Builders

Deck Builders in Nanaimo with shot of corner connection detail

Deck Builders in Nanaimo with shot of corner connection detail

This project started off with the concrete patio, the customer was super happy with how that turned out which gave us the privilege to be able to be their deck builder.

The Rustic Cedar Deck was a great project that turned out better than expected. The cedar wrapping around the face of the deck and used post and beam construction for the handrail and to support the glass roof that covers the deck.

If you want to look at another type of deck design, Our  Sywash Ridge job has some other nice features that we have done in the past like a hanging exterior bed.

View from the Deck with covered glass protecting you from the rain

View from the Deck with covered glass protecting you from the rain. Nanaimo deck with rustic post and beam details

Customers Review of The Rustic Cedar Deck

This is what the Customer had to say about us: We had our deck done this summer by Jordan and his team and we couldn’t be more happy with the results. He started by doing our concrete patio for the hot tub and we were so impressed with his professionalism that we hired him for the deck. If you have a project that needs doing, do not hesitate to hire Buck Robertson 🙂 to see his pictures “Rustic Deck” amazing job!.

Landing of the stairs for the rustic deck design

The landing of the stairs for the rustic deck design. Built by Custom home builders in Nanaimo, BC.

When Designing your deck and working with a Deck Builder?

Three shots of the deck

When you have the right deck builders out to look at your space they will need to get some information from you like:

  1. What is the use of the deck?
  2. What materials are you thinking to use?
  3. How do you want to be able to access the deck?
  4. Do you want to be able to store/ have a dry area under the deck?
  5. How often do you want to have to maintain the deck?
  6. Do you want it to be covered?
  7. What is your budget for this deck?

What is the use of the deck?

When deciding on the use of the deck there are many things to take into account?

  1. Used for cooking?
  2. Entertaining?
  3. Sunbathing?

Example For a Cooking deck:

The first question to ask yourself is how many appliances do you want out at the cooking station? If your answer is “probably just a BBQ” then you are more than likely going to want it closer to the house allowing yourself better access to the fridge inside and a sink. The reason why it is important to have these conversations is to figure out the walking paths of the deck and being able to build the deck with your end goal in mind.

Entrance to the stairs with Deck building

If You want to Read more about Designing your deck Click this link.

Before and After shots:

Before and after Stairs to gain access to the backyard

Before and after Stairs to gain access to the backyard.

Before and After of the deck












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