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When Designing your deck and working with a Deck Builder?

When you have the right deck builders out to look at your space they will need to get some information from you like:

  1. What is the use of the deck?
  2. What materials are you thinking to use?
  3. How do you want to be able to access the deck?
  4. Do you want to be able to store/ have a dry area under the deck?
  5. How often do you want to have to maintain the deck?
  6. Do you want it to be covered?
  7. What is your budget for this deck?
Engineered wood soffit, Covered deck, glass railing and vinyl covering

What is the use of the deck?

When deciding on the use of the deck there are many things to take into account?

  1. Used for cooking?
  2. Entertaining?
  3. Sunbathing?

Example For a Cooking deck:

The first question to ask yourself is how many appliances do you want out at the cooking station? If your answer is “probably just a BBQ” then you are more than likely going to want it closer to the house allowing yourself better access to the fridge inside and a sink. The reason why it is important to have these conversations is to figure out the walking paths of the deck and being able to build the deck with your end goal in mind.

What materials are you thinking to use?

When choosing materials there are some things to consider?

  1. Are you looking for a wood grain finish or painted?
  2. Vinyl deck or Drip deck?
  3. Maintenance work?
  4. How far of the ground is the deck?
  5. Do you have a view that you want to enjoy?

Are you looking for a wood grain finish or painted?

If you are looking for a wood grain look there is a couple of options:

Wood Grain look

  1. Actual real wood cedar, hardwood or pressure treated.
  2. Composite material
  3. Vinyl with a wood grain print
  4. Concrete deck with a wood grain stamp.
Swing bed

Vinyl deck or Drip deck?

With a vinyl deck, there are great advantages to this one being the space underneath has the ability to stay dry. If treated well have a good lifespan and have very little upkeep. A vinyl deck you won’t want to build one that was close to the ground as the deck has the ability to rot out from the underside due to that the moister has no where to go.

With a drip deck, this refers to a deck being built with planks. Either wood or composite material with cracks between the joints. This deck breaths well making it great for a deck that is close to the ground.

Maintenance work

With a deck there is always a little bit of maintenance. It can be as simple as yearly inspections of caulking or as difficult as re-sanding and staining every couple of years.

If you are looking at an all wood deck you have the luxury of a beautiful wood grain finish but this comes with the highest maintenance. You need to get out there every couple of years and restain it and then every 5-6 years needing to do some sanding. Some people don’t mind the grey beach wood look which happens when the material is not treated at all, but the lifespan of the material is greatly reduced.

Now if you are looking at a deck with the lowest maintenance you are looking at a vinyl deck or a concrete deck with a torch on membrane underneath. The handrail would be aluminum powder coated with either aluminum pickets or glass.

Covered Deck?

Covered decks are great as they make for a more versatile deck and giving a little shade when necessary. When doing a covered deck now you may need to incorporate brace walls into the design which not everyone is keen on. I have an article on brace walls if you want to learn more click here.

The Budget

The Budget with any project this must be taken into consideration. Decks are no different then any other part of your house you can go for the high end luxury to the economy grade and anything in between. With that being said letting your contractor know what you hope to spend is a must for him to be able to guide you threw this process properly.

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