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Greenhouses are great way to get started early with planting.

Hello everyone! I know these last couple of months have been very surreal and very scary for a lot of people – not knowing what is going to happen next. One of the main concerns (among so many) is going out into public to buy necessities, such as groceries. “Social distancing” certainly has not helped in aiding the fear of simply going out to get a few vegetables for the week – and, unfortunately, some people simply cannot leave their homes to do so – but I would like to help by putting your mind at ease with a simple solution: greenhouses.

My family and I started planting vegetables this week with the anticipation of this isolation period lasting longer than a few weeks. I understand that stores are still open and have plenty in stock, but for those of you who would like to take better control of the situation now and for the future – and perhaps even save a few dollars in vegetables in the long run – I would like to offer my services. I have put together a few packages for the different sizes of greenhouses I can build for you and your family, if you are interested in starting now. I hope that this will bring a little comfort to your home – knowing that you and your family are a little more self-sufficient. If you are interested in building a greenhouse for your backyard, please give me a call anytime at (250) 668-4866.

Greenhouse design

This is a greenhouse that is going to be used for aquaponics to ensure fresh produce can be grown year round. The structure is made out of wood with cedar outer ribs to hold the plastic on and take the weathering of the rain and sun. The first one I built at my old place lasted 5 years and was still in good shape when I had to tare it down, the only thing that may need to be replaced every 5-7 years would be the plastic walls which takes about 2 hrs to replace.

This greenhouse is 10 feet wide, 16 feet long and 10 feet tall which gives lots of room for a U shaped bed if you’re wanting to grow on the ground or could also have tables built inside to accommodate trays.

It will take about 3-4 days to install and is very sturdy. They are well priced for the size and lifespan. If soil needs to be brought in can do that as well but the cost is job site-specific due to access.

Raised beds planter boxes

We can also come in and build you raised bed planter boxes (see image). I will post a video of me making these soon. I have gone with building these beds for now because we are still trying to determine at our place our grand plan so these smaller contained garden beds are great for use right now.


This is one of the raised beds with pressure-treated lumber on the bottom which I ended up using plate poly around the inside to separate the dirt from resting up again the pressure treated. I have enclosed it on four sides so the deer don’t get in and they don’t jump in because I think they figure they can’t get out. These beds are 3 feet by 6 feet long and when I need to access the beds there are only a couple of screws to take out.

Raised Bed With Poly Walls

Raised beds with poly walls mini greenhouse. I have a 1×6 on the top to shed the water off so not to pull the poly off. When i need to access it i just undo a end and then access from the ends.


More complex designed Greenhouses


We are willing to build larger or more complex designed greenhouse as well. If you are looking for one with glass we can do that as well with either recycled windows or new glass depending on your budget. We will even put ones together that you get from your local hardware store.

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