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What is Design Build

Design-build is a project delivery method in which the design and construction of a project are contracted and managed by a single entity. This method can offer several benefits to the owner of a construction project, such as:

    1. Reduced costs: By streamlining the design and construction process, design-build can potentially save you money on your project.
    2. Shorter project timeline: With design-build, you can potentially complete your project more quickly, as the design and construction phases overlap.
    3. Reduced risk: With design-build, the contractor is responsible for both the design and construction of the project, which can help to reduce risk for the owner.
    4. Improved communication: Working with a single entity for both design and construction can help to improve communication and coordination among all parties involved.

Overall, design-build can be a useful project delivery method for owners who want to potentially save money, complete their projects more quickly, and reduce risk.



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Reduced Costs

Designing and building your own home is exciting and it is only natural for you and to have high expectations on how your home will look or how your relationship with your builder will be. It is important to keep in mind that expectations change through-out this process. Despite that, there is one expectation in which holds principal to us and that is your budget. At Buck Robertson Contracting we are going to do our best to understand what is important to you and where you will be spending the most quality time in your home. Having a design and build team stick handle the process from the start ensures we can create a space that is functional, curated to your taste, practical and most importantly, budget conscious. You may be thinking how does that reduce cost? Well, if you start to understand how you function in your home, you can then start to think about where you want to spend your money in your home.

Shorter Project Timelines

  There are a few great scenarios we will use here to give you some context on how a Design and Build team will streamline the process of building from day one.

Vacant land | Buyer | Realtor

Scenario 1: you choose to contract trades and professionals individually

Once you’ve squared up the purchase of your lot, your realtor recommends an architectural drafting firm to begin the design and permitting process. You engage that firm, and they require a survey of your property which is to be completed by a registered land surveyor. No problem, you ask the design firm to recommend some land-surveying companies and you are on your merry way to the next step. Once the survey is completed, the designer would then research your local government bylaws and understand the boundaries of your property that they need to work within when designing your home. You spend 6 weeks bouncing your designs back and forth between eachother and then engage a few builders of their recommendation. Said builders reply with some very important questions to which you do not know the answer to. You then contact your designer enquiring about these questions and they do their best to provide you with the information. You find a builder you’re comfortable with after spending a few weeks gathering further information for a couple, and they do a realistic calculation of your budget and propose changes to your design to save costs. You are then required to reach out to your designer again to make changes to finalized plans. The designer realizes the changes the builder has requested do not comply with the local zoning bylaw and/or with the building code, so the designer and builder then have to come up with another solution all while managing other clients timelines. It is important to keep in mind that in this scenario we are still only in the planning phases of building your dream home and a fairly accurate estimate of this timeline would be 10 weeks minimum after factoring in multiple professionals influx in timelines. Please see below for a scenario in which you began with a Design/Build team.

Vacant land | Buyer | Realtor | Design Build Team

Scenario 2: you choose to contract a Design/Build team

Ideally, it is best to engage your Design Build team prior to the purchase of your lot, this helps give you and your team insight into the property, understanding the lay of land before any design conception will vastly improve coordination in the planning process. Both the builder and designer make an appointment with you to come view the property and discuss your wants, needs, and budget. We advise you need a survey and contact them on your behalf with what we require. Once completed, the builder and designer will combine their speculations from the site visit, the information provided by a registered land surveyor and the local governments bylaw to start formulating a plan for your design. Your designer has worked alongside this builder for a while now, and understands their wants and needs and both have a cohesive system in place. A plan is formulated to maximize the use of your lot, including positioning, foundation requirements and any information pertaining to zoning restrictions. The designer has relayed the boundaries themselves that the builder can work

within very early in the planning phase and the builder can then estimate a more accurate expectation of design and cost for the end user which results in much less back and forth. Once you begin putting your plans to paper, the builder has a streamlined relationship with the designer, and while you are making revisions to the plan, the builder and designer are working together behind the curtains to solve any hiccups that may arise (for example, the designer has put a large beam in a basement and the builder recognizes that’s going to be intrusive in the space so both come up with a solution to place the beam elsewhere). Combining both the practical and technical experience of your builder and a designer early in the planning stages means a lower tolerance for error. In having a clear understanding of your dream home as a designer and as a builder, and what boundaries we can work within together, we are able to save a lot of time in back and forth.

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Reduce Risk

We want the opportunity to be able to see the project come together right from the start and to help identify the risks of the project with a risk management plan. Yes, we aren’t going to catch them all but you will have two lines of defence with a designer and builder who both have one common goal; doing our best to reduce the amount of risk and understanding that every project is a prototype and in that, risk is apparent. By reducing the amount of interpretation going on between professionals, our chances for success are high.

Improved Communication

Coordinating all the teams involved is a lot easier when everyone knows what the goals of the project are. The designer and builder will have a cohesive system in place and there is a a central hub (Project Management Software) where everyone involved can share their thoughts about what is important to them. This allows us to keep the lines of communication open and help others to understand where we are and where we are going. This a process called Integrated Project Delivery or IPD.


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