February 6, 2018

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Custom Home Builders

We would love to be your choice of home builder, watch this video which will explain a little about us.

Dedication To Home Building:

We at BRC are excited to announce that BC Housing has granted us our “Residential Builders License”!

This now allows us to build OUR customers their dream home from start to finish.

Enjoyment  :

We have a passion for Craftsman homes with Rustic details – and Timber Framing is something we get excited about.

Process To Good Communication:

What we want to do Contracting with Communication – and we can do this with our Project Management Software, which not only organizes YOUR job but also invites online communication between everyone involved in the project.

We will be able to have that one-on-one interaction – whether it be in person or through the software – so any decisions made throughout the building process will be done together.

BRC would be excited to be your Custom home builder.

The Home Builders Buck Robertson Contractings Team

Jordan and Dallas have been working hard towards this goal for 15 years now to become Custom Home Builders. We have both been gaining skills and certifications along the way making us both Journeyman tradesman. The two of us have had our heart set on becoming custom home builders from before we left high school, fine-tuning our crafts along the way.

We both know that getting multiple parties together to achieve one goal is no easy task. So that is why Communication is key if there are concerns from any person involved in the project we expect to hear there thoughts and communicate them will all people that may be affected by this change. With our project management software, it allows everyone to know what concerns are on the job and how we plan to deal with them. For instance, if we have a change to the plans it would be posted in the “Plan Room” for all to see or we have a product that got damaged when delivered to the site it would be noted and then tracked to find out how long it will take to get a new product to site.

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