How long does a Custom Home in Nanaimo take?

by Apr 12, 2023

The time it takes to build a custom home in Nanaimo can vary depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the home, the materials used, and the availability of skilled labor. On average, building a custom home can take anywhere from six months to two years. After the Pre-Construction part of the house has been completed. At Buck Robertson Contracting we are our design build team in Nanaimo with in house plan designers to help you get from start to finish on your project.

The Design Phase

The design phase of building a custom home is a crucial part of the process. It involves creating a detailed plan for the home, including its layout, materials, and finishes. This phase typically involves working closely with an architect or designer to ensure that the final design meets your needs and vision for your dream home.

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Pre-Construction and how it benefits you on your project

Pre-construction services can be highly beneficial during the design phase of building a custom home in Nanaimo. Pre-construction services involve working with a contractor before construction begins to identify potential issues, develop a detailed plan, and establish a budget and timeline for the project. It is up to you to share your budget with us so we are best able to understand where we can bring you the most value and help to guide the design phase.

During the pre-construction phase, the contractor can provide valuable input and advice to ensure that the design meets your needs while also taking into account the feasibility and cost of construction. This can help you avoid costly design changes during construction and minimize the risk of delays or unexpected costs. When you have a well laid out plan, YES there will be bumps in the road but surely the success of your project will greatly increase and will lead to a much better final product.

Some of the services that a contractor can provide during the pre-construction phase include:

  1. Site analysis: The contractor can assess the site’s conditions and make recommendations for the best placement and orientation of the home.

  2. Cost estimating: The contractor can provide accurate cost estimates for the project, based on the design and materials chosen.

  3. Value engineering: The contractor can suggest alternative materials or construction methods that can save money without compromising quality or performance.

  4. Construction scheduling: The contractor can develop a detailed construction schedule that outlines the timeline for each phase of the project.

By utilizing pre-construction services, you can ensure that the design phase of your custom home project is well-planned and executed, setting a solid foundation for the construction phase to follow.

Actual Construction Time Of A Custom Home In Nanaimo

The actual construction time of a custom home in Nanaimo can vary depending on several factors. Some factors that can impact the construction time include:

Size and complexity of the home:

Larger and more complex homes generally take longer to build than smaller and simpler homes. Homes with unique features or designs may require more time and attention to detail, adding to the construction time. Often on larger project there is engineering involved which will also add to the time in which a project will take.

Weather conditions

Adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, or extreme temperatures can slow down construction progress, especially for exterior work such as roofing, foundation, and siding. At Buck Robertson Contracting we will be sharing with you if you are to have weather days on your project and if so we track that with our project management software.

Availability of materials

Shortages or delays in the delivery of construction materials can cause delays in the construction schedule. This is important to understand before starting your project how  you would like to manage this issue. This can be accomplished “front loading material,” buy material long before it is needed and storing it some where so it is available when needed. This option is sometimes hard to do if you are working from a loan from the bank though due to they will only release money often on work that has been completed and installed.

Availability of skilled labor:

The availability of skilled labor, such as carpenters, electricians, and plumbers, can impact the construction time. If there is a shortage of skilled labor in the area, it can cause delays in the construction schedule. This is something that is continuing to grow in the construction world as well as almost every other sector. We plan to work on this issue by getting more people in the community excited about construction. We have a podcast Better Building with Buck which will be sharing with the community what it is like to be in the construction industry and what we plan to do to help.

Changes to the original plan:

Changes to the original plan or design can add time to the construction schedule, especially if they require new permits, materials, or adjustments to the existing construction work. This is why not rushing the planning phase of a project is key to its success, we are all excited to build this project but getting it right on paper and taking the time to get your selections right will allow for you to have a home which you will be happy with for years to come.

Unforeseen site conditions:

Unforeseen site conditions such as the discovery of rock or unexpected soil conditions can cause delays in the construction schedule. We don’t have x-ray vision yet but we will do our best to try and identify what the land looks like prior to digging some job site are easier to tell then others. For instance if a neighbour has a idea about the depth of there foundation or what it took to dig there excavation can be a huge help in the begin to help determine some of these factors.

Communication is Key

To make a custom home building project move faster, it’s important to have a clear plan, including a detailed construction schedule, and work with experienced and reliable contractors and subcontractors. Efficient communication between the homeowner, architect, contractor, and subcontractors is also crucial to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

Quality materials, PreFabrication and Quality Control

Using high-quality materials and pre-fabrication techniques can also help speed up the construction process. Additionally, regular site inspections and quality control checks can help ensure that the construction work is proceeding according to plan and that any issues are identified and addressed promptly. When choosing materials on your project Buck Robertson Contracting will do its best to share with you what materials have worked for us in the past, which materials to stay away from and what materials are good for where because not every material is good of everyone’s life style.

Choose a Professional Licensed Home Builder

Overall, the construction time of a custom home in Nanaimo can be managed effectively by identifying potential delays and taking steps to mitigate them, while also ensuring that the construction work is executed efficiently and to a high standard of quality.

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