January 16, 2018

Meet Jordan Robertson

Jordan Robertson

My name is Jordan Robertson.

I am a journeyman carpenter from a fourth generation Nanaimo family. My Great grandpa Ole Buck opened the first vocational school in Canada for fixing chainsaws. My grandpa Harold Buck owned a logging truck company that served Nanaimo and the surrounding area and later in life owned a Texaco garage/gas station in Downtown Nanaimo.

My father Robert Robertson was a great local athlete, still holding records at SFU; he was fourth in Canada to go to the Olympics in 1972. Then later in life, he was a carpet layer and ended up at the mill.

As you see, I come from a long line of men working with their hands and I take great pride in that. I intend to do my best to continue my family’s proud tradition of hard work and dedication for many years to come. My dad and I, from as far back as I can remember, have been working in the wood shop building or repairing whatever was needed around the house. You know how it is with two young boys wrestling in doors – things break!

I have always been interested in wood work. I took wood work in high school and then ended up at VIU to take my carpentry course to become a journeyman carpenter.

My brother Dallas and I have a bond that many people have said they wish they had. It makes us great partners at Buck Robertson Contracting. We feed off one another, making sure we both strive for excellence.

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