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Buck Robertson Contracting specializes in custom new-home construction, whole-house renovation and remodels, and commercial projects. Our company prides itself on staying current with the latest innovations from the industry in order to maintain respect for the environment and to provide safe and reliable services, generating the best results for our clients. Making us one of Nanaimo construction service experts. We plan to focus our attention moving into the future with high performance homes.


Our employees and sub-trades have been carefully selected based on their skills to ensure the highest level of quality construction services and customer satisfaction. Just like their abilities and levels of craftsmanship, the personal values and qualities of our employees and sub-trades are what build our company’s excelling reputation.

Jordan and Dallas have 90% of there experience learning their trade in the Nanaimo Construction industry. Holding different jobs over the years from there trades as Jordan being a Journey Men Carpenter and Dallas being a Journey Men Electrician. With experience in glazing, roofing, siding, flooring, and cabinetry. They both have a well-rounded background which really helps with troubleshooting issues that may arise.  We plan to stay in the Nanaimo Construction industry for many more years to come. Let’s get together and make your next project a success.

Customer Appreciation

We understand it is our loyal customers who create longevity for our company. We promise timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes. With our exceptional workmanship and conscience to fair and market competitive prices, our clients can rely on our trustability, our strong work-ethic, and our integrity. Buck Robertson Contracting guarantees success because we know that guarantees return business.

Nanaimo Construction Services

BRC offers our customers the whole package. We will get you from plans ready to submit to the city right through to the final clean of the house ready to turn the workspace back over. We do all of our projects “Cost Plus” which allows us to work with you on your budget to achieve the best bang for your buck.