Nanaimo Construction Services

by Jan 31, 2023

Nanaimo Construction

Nanaimo Construction Services

We are your Nanaimo construction service provider because we do contracting with communication. If this is your first project you may not now how important this is but I will share with you that this is the most important part of construction. For you that have had construction services in Nanaimo or any where else on Vancouver Island and beyond know how important it is that you are in the know. We use project management software to make sure that not only you but everyone involved in the project knows what is going on. 

Design Build Team Vancouver Island

We are a design build team which means we are your one stop shop for all construction services, pre-planning, house plans Vancouver Island, interior design work, risk management plans, and general contracting Nanaimo.

Custom Home Building Vancouver Island

Our main focus is on build multi generational homes which are high performance homes. The reason for multi generational homes is because we feel the life span in which homes are built to now days needs to be extended helping to reduce the house carbon footprint. The high performance homes which co inside with multi generational homes is that when you are inside these home you have the ability to feel cozy year around.

The Official Home Tour & The Benefits of Building an Energy Efficient Home

This is the final installment of our “Building a Custom Home” series for Roberta Ranch! In this video we walk you through each room, revealing the interior design, while also explaining the importance of an energy efficient home and how it relates to your health and comfort living in the home. If you are looking for more information on why this maybe important to you click the link below

Custom Home Building Guide Vancouver Island

Custom Home Building Guide

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Home Renovations Nanaimo

We deliver renovation services in Nanaimo we will be with you to help understand what it is going to take to do your project and how we see we are going to get there. Often when doing a renovation we will need to get plans made which we can do in house with our design team. It is imporatant to understand what the goals of the project are before going into it and to have a budget in mind. We will work together to build out the scope of work and understand the material in which will best suit your life sytle.

Unfinished basement to Gym and Office space

This space went from a unfinished storage room to a gym and office space which is now used on a regular bases. We had brought in commercial grade gym floor to make sure the surface below was well protected from the daily use of the gym. The flooring below was luxury vinyl plank making for a easy clean up of the floor when necessary, understanding the use of the space well help to define the functionality of that space.

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