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by Feb 22, 2023

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HOUSE TOUR Lake Cowichan, Trails Edge: Step 5 and Net Zero Ready

Welcome to Trails Edge in Lake Cowichan! We have built a beautiful energy efficient and healthy home. With a lot of care and attention, we were able to bring this home to Step 5 and make it a Net Zero Ready Home – meaning you can add solar panels to officially make it a Net Zero Home, and therefore even more energy efficient! This Home is now sold and the owners are very happy in there new home. We have a video at the bottom of the page with them sharing their thoughts of the home.

Choosing the Right Nanaimo Contractor for Your Project

Designing your home or renovation project can be an exciting and rewarding process, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. One of the most important decisions you will make during your custom home build or remodelling journey is choosing the right contractor to work with. Here are some tips on how to choose the right Nanaimo contractor for your project.

1. Determine Your project Needs

The first step in choosing a contractor is to determine your project needs. Are you looking to build a multi-generational home or are you building a home you plan to stay in for 5-10 years? Do you want to update your kitchen or bathroom? Do you need to repair or replace your roof? Are you looking to add more space to your home with a basement or attic renovation? By determining your specific renovation needs, you can choose a contractor with the relevant experience and expertise.

2. Research Contractors

Once you have determined your projects needs, start researching contractors in Nanaimo. Look for contractors who specialize in the type of  homes or renovation you need and have a good reputation in the community. You can find reviews and ratings on websites like Google, Facebook and other sites. You can also ask for recommendations from friends, family, or your local home improvement store.

3. Check Credentials and Licenses

Before hiring a contractor, check their credentials and licenses. Make sure they are licensed, insured, and bonded. You can check their license status on the BC Housing website. This will ensure that the contractor is qualified to do the work and will protect you in case of accidents or damages.  You can also see if they are registered with the Canadian Home Builders Association.

4. Request References and Portfolios

Ask the contractor for references and portfolios of their previous work. This will give you an idea of their style and quality of work. You can also contact their past clients to ask about their experience working with the contractor.

5. Get Detailed Estimates

Ask the contractor for a detailed Estimate for the home or renovation project. This should include the cost of materials, labour, and any other expenses. It should also include a timeline for the project. Make sure you understand everything in the estimate and ask any questions you may have. Should also have a risk management plan.

6. Sign a Contract

Once you have chosen a contractor and agreed on the terms, make sure to sign a contract. This should include the scope of work, payment schedule, and timelines. It should also include details on warranties, permits, and inspections.

7. Communicate Throughout the Project

Communication is key throughout the any home or renovation project. Make sure to communicate regularly with the contractor to ensure that everything is going smoothly. If there are any issues or changes, make sure to communicate them as soon as possible. At Buck Robertson Contracting we do Contracting with Communication.

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