Carriage House in the Comox Valley

Carriage House Comox Valley

Fanny Bay Carriage house

Our Fanny Bay carriage house which was completed in the Comox Valley Reginal district was a great project for us. We took this homeowner from the idea of wanting to build a home and value to their property with plans to later down the road build the dream home. When they were able to build this home on this property it increased their property value substantially and was able to get them closer to their dream of a forever home. We had to take into mind where the dream home was going to go later on.  The video below will share with you the details that we did on this project.

If you are looking for the benefits of building a carriage house click the image below:

Carriage house Nanaimo 2021 completion

If you are interested in taking a look at another carriage house we did from start to finish take a look at Community Gathering Place. Or you can visit our Custom Home build page.

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Dedication To Home Building:


Health and Comfort,


and Energy Efficiency  :

We achieve this by being brought in on your project right from the start to help guide you through decision making and understanding your needs.


Enjoyment  :

We have a passion for Craftsman homes with Rustic details – and Timber Framing is something we get excited about.

Process To Good Communication:

What we want to do Contracting with Communication – and we can do this with our Project Management Software, which not only organizes YOUR job but also invites online communication between everyone involved in the project.

We will be able to have that one-on-one interaction – whether it be in person or through the software – so any decisions made throughout the building process will be done together.

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