Custom Home Build
Buck Robertson Home Base


Custom Home Build Nanaimo

A little piece of paradise tucked right inside the city, this beauty 5 acre lot was purchase with a bridge onto the property and a start of a great fruit orchard. This house will be BRC home base. This Custom Home Build on Arrowsmith Rd has been a great project for us and we look forward to the future.

We used Ellis Excavation for this job and they were great to work with and would recommend there team.

BRC team did all most of the work on this project other than plumbing, HVAC and the roof. We learned a lot on this project there was power to bring in, septic to get installed, well to be drilled.

We look forward to sharing more with you in the future. This house is completed and we are all moved in landscaping has been something that we have continued to work on and look forward to sharing with you more.