Roberta Ranch

Part 1: Site walk

We take a tour of “Roberta Ranch”  and along the way we talk about iron pins and property lines. We discuss a little about site conditions and how this may affect one’s project. Jordan had the opportunity to have a little fun with our new toy the drone DJI mini 2.

We are working on the next video now and will be released soon.

Part 2: Slabs & Succulents

In this video we share the beginning stages, from excavation to formation to foundation, as well as our little succulent wall (an added feature).

Part 3: Stacked Framing & Shou Sugi Ban

In this video, we talk about the importance of “stack framing” (or “advanced framing”); and touch base on air barriers and vapor barriers, insulation, as well as brace walls. We also share what we used to set our signature Shou Sugi Ban cedar posts.

Part 4: Installing SIGA House Wrap to Window Bucks

In this video, we talk about and demonstrate how to install our SIGA building envelope or “house wrap” – also known as WRB (Weather Resistant Barrier) or Air Barrier. We had our SIGA rep, Andrew, on site to show us the proper way of installing the house wrap and the best strategies on how to use the SIGA tape.

Part 5: Window Bucks & Exterior Doors

In this video, we talk about how and why we installed our window bucks; we talk a little bit more about our air barrier; and we show off a new tool we got to use from Bissett (www.bissettfasteners.ca).

Part 6: Halo Exterra Foam & Rainscreen Install

In this video, we talk about Halo Exterra foam and why it is important in preventing thermal bridging and how it helps with permeability; and we also talk about the importance of Rainscreen and its advantages in the building envelope.   

Part 7: Blower Door Test

In this video, we prepare for and perform a Blower Door Test. We go over the results and give our thoughts on what our expectations were and what we would do differently next time.


In this video, we have Island AeroBarrier Inc on site to help us seal any air leaks we can’t find and get our house airtight, so we can reach our goal of below 1 at ACH50. 

Part 9: Painting Walls, Trim Detail, and Flooring and Carpet Reveal

In this video, we finally get to start revealing the interior design – or at least the paint colours, trim details, light fixtures, and the flooring and carpet we decided on!


You’ve seen us in previous videos make our fir (and cedar) Shou Sugi Ban posts, but we take it to new heights and create a whole new ambience with these beams as part of our interior design!  

Part 11: The Official Home Tour & The Benefits of Building an Energy Efficient Home

This is the final installment of our “Building a Custom Home” series for Roberta Ranch! In this video we walk you through each room, revealing the interior design, while also explaining the importance of an energy efficient home and how it relates to your health and comfort living in the home.

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