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What is a Risk Management plan?

A risk management plan is a document that outlines the potential risks that may arise during a construction project and identifies strategies for addressing and mitigating those risks. In the context of home building, a risk management plan might include steps to address risks such as:

    1. Cost overruns: This might involve establishing a budget and contingency plan for unexpected expenses.
    2. Long Lead Time items and Delays: This might involve establishing a schedule and contingency plan for unexpected delays.
    3. Quality issues: This might involve establishing quality control measures and a process for addressing issues that arise.
    4. Environmental impacts: This might involve identifying potential impacts on the environment and establishing measures to mitigate those impacts.

The specific risks included in a risk management plan will depend on the specific project and may include other risks as well. The goal of a risk management plan is to anticipate and address potential risks before they arise, in order to minimize their impact on the project.



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Cost overruns

It is good to understand that every project is a Prototype and with that a plan need to be formulated to try and identify risk before you are surprised by it.

For Example: “Getting out of the ground” is one of the parts of the project which included all the ground work of the project, Excavation, Services/Utilities and foundation work.  This part of the project has inherent risk due to not having xray vision. So identifying as many risks in this part of the project helps to keep everyone informed going into this stage of the project.

Long Lead Time items and Delays

On a Project there will be short and long lead time items or produces which have volatility in the market. Identifying this items before starting a project well help to reduce delays in the project. Yes, due to market volatility sometimes you are blind sided by items which are just hard to get or turn from a short lead time item to a long lead time item which was seen in the pandemic. But with good communication between suppliers and Design team these can be mitigated.

Quality Issues

Quality is important to our team and making sure our team is doing the best job they can is important. We will like to do walk through of the home on a regular bases with you to make sure you are able to see what is going on in the project and for you to identify any questions you may have. Questions are great it helps us better understand your needs or concerns.

Enviromental Impacts

When I think about these we could think about building close to a ocean, river or lake. We could also be thinking about trees onsite which are important to you or the surrounding environment which need to be or should be protected.


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