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by Feb 24, 2023

Exterior Renovations

Curb Appeal and the Aesthetics

The aesthetics of a home can be important for a number of reasons. For one, the way a home looks can have an impact on how you feel when you are inside it. Additionally, the aesthetics of a home can have an impact on its resale value. A home that is well-designed and visually appealing is likely to be more desirable to potential buyers, which can be beneficial if you decide to sell in the future. Finally, the aesthetics of a home can also be a reflection of your personal style and can allow you to express your creativity and individuality through the way you design and decorate it.

There are many exterior siding options which can all have there benefits depending on budget and overall look and feel you are trying to achieve. Some of the Common Exterior siding options are fiber cement board (Jamies Hardie is one of the common brands),stone and stone vaneer ( local company K2 Stone) , wood siding, metal, engineered materials and Vinyl siding. The less common products like cork.

Energy efficiency

When doing a exterior renovation this is a great opportunity to drastically improve your building envelope which will included windows doors the WRB and have the opportunity to think about doing exterior insulation. When doing a exterior renovation you have the opportunity to increase the health and comfort of everyone in the home. You achieve this by first getting a energy audit of your home which we can get set up for you then we can start to understand where we can have the biggest impact on the home.

In a exterior renovation you can upgrade your windows,

VYCOR enV-S WRB Installation Review

In this video, we are installing our building envelope using VYCOR enV-S WRB (Weather Resistant Barrier), Passive Seal and Passive Tape – which was supplied by Powerhouse Building Solutions. We have their reps, Ryan and Andrew, onsite to provide us with a better understanding of the benefits of using VYCOR enV-S and Passive Tape.

***Disclaimer: This video is sponsored by Powerhouse Building Solutions. Though we are very grateful to be supplied with the materials for this house, our review and thoughts on each product are completely our own.

Good WRB (Weather Resistive Barrier)

The Weather Resistant Barrier (WRB) is the material that wraps your house to protect it from water and wind. Your WRB can also act as an air barrier, as well, which is designed to stop the flow of air (and moisture attached to it) from entering a building envelope – which is all the elements of a building that separate and protect the interior from the exterior.
When talking about “a good WRB”, we mean one that is designed to be vapour-open; so if moisture does happen to enter the inside of the wall, there is a way for it to escape – and will do so effortlessly for years to come.
Water is the number one killer of houses, so we feel having a good WRB is one of the most important parts of the house, as it ensures your investment (your home) stays in good shape and lasts.

Halo Exterra Foam & Rainscreen Install

In this video, we talk about Halo Exterra foam and why it is important in preventing thermal bridging and how it helps with permeability; and we also talk about the importance of Rainscreen and its advantages in the building envelope.   


When choosing the material for your exterior renovation it is important to understand that every material has it’s benefits and understand what is right for your project is something we will discuss with you and make sure you understand. Some material require regular maintenance where others are much more durable. Understanding where to use what materials to reduce the overall maintenance cost of your home is something we will help you with.

Exterior Renovation, HardieLap Siding Installers Nanaimo By Buck Robertson Contracting we are Custom Home Builders on Vanvouver Island


Artistic gable for the Nanaimo Theatre Group


Artistic gable for the Nanaimo Theatre Group

Ranch Point

Custom timber work. Rustic cedar deck and patio


Stunning trellis at Summerhill Apartments

Exterior Inspection

When we show up to understand more about your project at your home we like to take the opportunity to walk around the house and do a exterior inspection of the home. We will share with you what we see and what maybe going on. We don’t have X-ray vision but we can use our experience to try and shed light on how much damage could be existing behind the


Capillary Action


This is something that is important to understand with water and homes. What capillary action does is take water and moves it across the piece of wood. Wood is like a sponge which can get wet and dry out many times. With wood though when it gets wet and doesn’t have the opportunity to dry out that is when you have rot and mold problems. If you think of a piece of wood/timber as group of straws all stuck together you can start to paint a picture of why this can turn into a large issue.

If you were to have a spot on your home where water was getting in it may not only be where the water is getting in that is damage but capillary action  could move the water across the home or up the home creating lots of damage.

This is why regular inspections of the exterior of your home are important. If you dont feel confident in doing so please reach out to us and we will try and help to point out any issues or future concerns we may see.


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