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If you would like to do a home tour of “Trails Edge” and follow the journey, stay tuned to this page and come see the final product when completed.

Please leave us some contact information so we are able to set up appointments (depending on how covid restrictions are at the time of completion.)

If would like to come and take a look at the project while it is being built, we can set that up as well.

Part 1: Breaking Ground & Forming Concrete Walls | Foundation

We are very excited to be sharing our next construction journey (and new series) with you: “Building a Custom Home in Trails Edge” (in Lake Cowichan). This video is Part 1 of the new series and documents the process of “getting out of the ground” – which (in most jobs) is your unknown. Here we will show you the first few steps on getting your foundation set in order to start building your brand new home! And by using our DJI Mini 2 drone, we also provide you with a bird’s eye view of this new home’s layout – which will be a 3 bed / 2 bath rancher. We like to share and be as transparent as we can, so if/when you’re thinking of building your own home one day, you can have a better understanding of what goes in to each stage of building and the timelines that follow.

Part 2: StormTech Stormwater Retention System Installation

This is Part 2 of our “Building a Custom Home in Trails Edge” series! In this video, we demonstrate how we install a stormwater retention system and explain its benefits for your property. You also get to see how the house is shaping out, as framing has officially started. (This footage was taken back in January 2022, and since then the house has come a LONG way – so stay tuned, because we a have a TON of new footage to show you and many more videos to share!)

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