Why you choose a General Contractor and what BRC can do for you

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The General Contractor

Invite a general contractor into your project they have the knowledge to know how to guide you through your project. They will bring to attention all the risks involved in taking on the project, whether it be a new project (new home) or existing project (renovation, addition).

How we can help

We can look at your project standing back further than a specialized trade contractor (window installer, cabinet maker, plumber). We come in and asses what needs to be done first to make sure the overall project move smoothly. The old saying ” Don’ put the cart before the horse”.

General Contractor a guide through the project

The General Contractor can guide you in choosing the right direction your project should go in. Even suggest phasing your project to allow you to get exactly what you want.

For example, you may be looking to do a deck. After looking at your project see you have parts of your siding on your house that have been compromised. The suggestion would be why don’t we look at fixing your siding on the house. (Which is part of what we call this the building envelope.) Making sure it doesn’t start to rot away at the bones of your house (framing members, electrical, plumbing). Yes, you may not be doing the project that you had thought you were getting yourself into. Going this route saving yourself a ton of money in the end on fixing the rotten bones of the house.



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