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“Foundation for your Future” :

“The Foundation for your Future | Pre-Construction Contract” is Buck Robertson Contracting way of getting things organized for you for your project. Every project starts with a great foundation and this is why we want to have your project off to a good start. What we are going to share with you today is how a general contractor in Nanaimo will organize a project and what everyone’s responsibility  are through that process. A good general contractor will understand what they need to do and when to make sure your project contiunes to move forward.

Professional Communication

At Buck Robertson Contacting we do Contacting with Communication, we have picked this for our slogan as with is the key to success on any project. We leverage technology to make that happen with using a project management software which allows us to keep all our communication in one place allowing all of us to refer to it before the project start and after the project is complete and everything in between.

Project Planning

Project planning starts right from day one of the first call to Buck Robertson Contracting. We sharing with you what we need from you and what BRC needs to do next. It is important that everyone knows what is our next steps to helping move this project forward.

There are many people involved in a construction project from the clients, designers / architect, engineers, municiplaity, general contractor, trade partners, suppliers and stakeholders. All of these people make up the project team. There are alot of people that need to come together to understand the common goal and that is to build a safe, comfortable structure which will last for years to come.

Every project is a prototype and for that reason understanding the goals for the project help to define decision making in the future. Stepping these goals as early on in the project are KEY.

Budgeting and Estimating Construction Projects

In a construction project there is a budget and there are estimator’s. The goal of the project team is to gather infromation for all the parties involved and understand how this building is going to come together. The construction team start to build out construction documents which would include scope of work, material selections and installation requirements.

The goal of the estimator is to review the construction documents and start to gather costs on material and labour. As material and labour fluxutes from time to time they take data from previous project which  have a simliar scope of work and materials and start to build out a budget.

Scope of work and material selections can also be sent out for bidding request to contiue to tighten up the budget and have a better understanding of the cost of the project.

Pre-construction Schedule

The goal of the pre-construction schedule is to have a baseline for the construction project with average durations of scope of work and average material selection wait times.

Risk Managment Plan

We create a pre-construction risk managment plan to adrress parts of the project which are either complicated or are things which may come up on a project.

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

The permitting and regulatory compliance is part of almost every project and understanding that your genral contractor is on your side to get you through that process sure makes things easier. Even though we do this day in and day out these rules and reglations are constintly changing. We do our best to stay on top of this every changing landscape.

Design and Build

At Buck Robertson Contracting we are a Design and Build company which allows us to manage the design of the project as well as the construction of the project helping to reduce wait times between designer and builder,  and help make cost saving design decisions prior to construction. 

 Lets start Building your Home

After we have made our way through the “Foundation for your Future | Pre-Construction Contract” we move it into a construction contract which is when we start to build out the project onsite. This is a exciting part for everyone involved as all of the hard work to get it to this point is starting to see something physical and real. The onsite construction of any project will have it complications and understanding that you will great team behind you to solve these problems is a great feeling.


Communication of Home Construction

When your project gets started the communication between all the people that are involved will make or break the success of the project. At Buck Robertson Contracting we will be your main point of contact through out the building process to help guide you in all phases of your project. We will keep you uptodate with what is happening on your project. If it is new home construction we would like to have atlease one site meeting with you a month and we will be in contact with you regularly through the project managment software.

Trade Partner Communication

At Buck Robertson Contracting we refer to the people who are completing the onsite work on your project our “Trade Partners” often referred to as sub-trades ( Electrians, Plumbers, Roofers etc.). We feel it is important that they know they are just as much a part of the team as anyone else and we respect the work they do in the feild and that is why we have choosen them to be apart of our project.

The job of the general contractor is to make sure this is a cohesive team and that they know what each one of these trade partners strength and weakness are. When you think of a team you need all types of people to come together under one idea and one plan and that is what Buck Robertson Contracting is going to do for you and this is a reasin why you need a general contractor.

Construction Budget

Every project has a budget and understand the budget needs to be managed through the entirety of the project. Some choices will need to be made along the way and those choices will be guided by the goals which were set out at the begin of the project to help with decision making.

Quality Control

If you expect it inspect it” we feel this is a great quote and we do our very best do document as much of the building process as we can. One of the things we always try and do is to get a video of the interior of the home before it is insulated so we know where all the pipes and electrical are in the home. Then it comes to the finishing materials of the home we are doing walk though of the home with our team as well as with the trade partners and then finaly with you. On every project there will be things which need to be fixed along the way, we try our best to see these issues before they come up but we are building a prototype and beacuse of this adjustement will need to happen.

Scheduling Construction Work

We discussed above about our pre-construction schedule this is a way for us to baseline our project and understand our critical path. The critical path is what needs to be done before the next task can be  started done. In construction many things are going on at a jobsite simultaneously so this is where communication is key between all these team members.

Procurement of Material and Equipment

When we think of material and equipment from the eyes of a general contractor we are going to be looking at long and short lead time items. A long lead time item will depend on the completixy of the project and duration of that project but most often this is going to be something that is taking more than 2-4 weeks and something that is a short lead time item could be something that you either couldn’t find on the self of a store or would need to order in and would take a couple days to a couple weeks.

Managing and understand which materials before ordering will fit into which catagory will help to give you the ability to understand when these choices will need to be made and how it will effect your project if these choices are not made in a timely manner.



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